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Weekly Zombie Poll #1 – Zombies VS Ninjas

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Remember, ninjas flip out and kill people ALL the time.

Ah, that classic clash of the titans, Zombies Vs. Ninjas. Ninjas are lightning fast, deadly, and of course, totally sweet. According to Robert Hamburger’s Real Ultimate Power website, ninjas:

  1. are mammals.
  2. fight ALL the time.
  3. flip out and kill people.

Now, in contrast, zombies:

  1. are dead already.
  2. never really sleep.
  3. also flip out and kill people.

So where do you stand? Zombies Vs. Ninjas – Who would win? Remember, ninjas are hot shit until they run out of throwing stars – and what could be scarier than am army of your zombiefied ninja comrades? On the other hand, zombie heads are notoriously soft and sliceable. You decide.

Zombies VS. Ninjas

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  1. Is

    How many zombies vs. how many ninjas?

  2. I would say a gaggle of ninjas versus throngs of zombies. Is gaggle the correct measure word for ninjas?

  3. Is

    Gaggle is for geese. Maybe a small horde or a handful…

  4. I was under the impression that the collective noun for zombies was a ‘Voodoo’.
    Personally, I think ninjas are all fur coat and no knickers; zombies would win.

  5. I’m inclined to agree with Stewart on this one. Besides, ninjas are trained for stealth and sneakiness and being totally sweet. There’s no way a lone ninja (or a group of ninjas, no matter how badass they are) could take on a voodoo of zombies!

  6. I am personally shocked and appalled that Ninjas are currently winning this poll by a 10% margin. Zombies, people, zombies! If you see one, there’s gotta be about 100,000 more! And they never tire out! C’mon!

  7. michael

    ninjas, they got sophisticated weapons spiritual powers to guide there swords and stars. zombies while fierce and ravenous and most important-undead hard to kill aren’t on the ninjas’ level mentally.they usually don’t have that many tricks up their sleeve. Ninja is japanese for trick.

  8. Guybrush

    Ninja is zombie for ‘sushi brains’

  9. jake

    i think a ninja against 1, maybe 3 zombies, will win. he can just slice them t bits. but if he were up against more than 10, they would eat him alive

  10. Jonno

    Ummmm yeah Zombies win, While a ninja is awesome he will tire out then he will be eaten, and turn into a ninja zombie, which is not good. Imagine the other ninja’s they see a black shape coming out of the darkness and they think “oh hey Bob’s back” then afore metioned Bob would then eat their brains.

  11. A single Ninja would take AAAAAAAAAGES to slowly work his way one by one through 100,000 zombies, but likewise, 100,000 zombies would never find a ninja.

    Although they’re not exactly ninja, the 13 samurai from 13 assassins would give them a good run… especially if they had time to fortify their defenses.

  12. […] maintain that ninjas would win. Period. Sadly, in online forums I’ve seen, 35% of people are clearly delusional and think zombies would […]

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