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Poll: Zombies VS Shaolin Monks

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How would the REAL Wutang clan fare against the zombie horde?

When it comes to badassery, there’s almost nobody out there who’s got more of it than the Shaolin Monks. Popularized by movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Shaolin buddhists perfected mystical kung fu fighting styles over thousands of years of practice.

So how would the mystical Crane style stand up to a swarm of hungry dead? How many orange-clad monks would it take to fight off the endless hordes of brain-craving zombies? Would the monks meditation and practice be enough to counter zombies tireless, undead energy?

You decide, zombiephiles. Rock the vote!

Zombies VS Shaolin Monks

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  1. I voted for the monks, but I think it would depend on whether or not the monks thought the zombies still had souls within.

  2. zombiekiller

    the munks would destroy the zombies no matter what.

  3. maybe if the monks had mini guns….

  4. Zoki

    They have steel weapons. They are smart and wise. They live in highly elevated locations and sometimes isolated mountian temples, so they have the home advantage. But if there’s a horde… maybe they might struggle, but they live to last.

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