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Poll: Zombies Vs. Muntadhar Al-Zaidi

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Remember, zombies can't really duck.

Well, Zombiephiles, it’s certainly been a while since the last weekly bi-weekly monthly triannual Zombie Poll – somewhere around four months or so. But have no fear, Zombiephiles! Our zombiephilic editor has beaten back the zombie hordes long enough to connect to his zombie blog, and thus, he presents to you this burning question: Who would win, Zombies, or Muntadhar Al-Zaidi (the Shoe Thrower)?

Zombies VS Muntadhar Al-Zaidi (The Shoe Thrower)

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That’s right – an all out battle between Al-Zaidi (armed, let’s say, with an entire Zappo’s warehouse) or throngs of mindless, shambling, US Presidents zombies?

It’s a tough question, we know. On the one hand, you have your love of zombies and your passionate belief that they would win in almost any situation (except, as we’ve shown in previous polls, against robots). On the other hand you have your passionate love of a guy who’d take off both shoes and fling them at the most powerful man in the world.


  1. Josella

    My initial feeling was that the zombies’ weight of numbers would make their victory inevitable. Nevertheless, Al-Zaidi is clearly a man of considerable guile, and in the films it’s usually up to one cunning person to defeat the undead menace. A stilleto (spelling), or steel-capped Doc. Marten could certainly do some damage to a decomposing head, and I’m sure the shag-me-boots I’m currently wearing for the pleasure of my boyfriend, the Zombie-destroying Chester, would certainly slow down something with a brain (i.e. not George Dubya).

  2. Ooooh, poor Muntadhar is getting his ass whipped by Zombies. Alas, I kinda had a feeling it was gonna play out like this. Incredibly brave man? Yes. But zombies do not respect bravery.

  3. cadkls

    i think Muntadhar will win with his ultimate shoe killing skills zombies dont stand a chance lololol!!!!!

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