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Where are the Zombiephiles?

Many eager fans (at least, they look like fans, except for the blood, gore, and constant craving for brains) have been asking lately, “What the hell happened to the Zombiephiles?”

Well, there’s an answer for that.

You see, our Zombiephile has fled the United States, choosing to make his stand against the Zombies in Beijing, China.

The problem is, China must not like Zombies much, because the government went to all the trouble of banning the Zombiephiles, and we had to acquire a new hosting provider to get back online. Actually, we were online the whole time, we just couldn’t see the site.

Now that we’re back, it’s going to be a few days until everything’s back to normal – we lost our Gallery2 installation and we’re missing some crucial images – so bear with us. We’ll be back, lusting for brains, just as soon as we can beat off the hordes of Chinese zombies clamboring for our blood. Or maybe those are just Chinese people, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Either way, hang in there, fellow Zombiephiles, and we’ll be back next week with some new, fancy britches. Ok, that’s not true, but we will be back next week. Britches not included.


  1. Cesar

    I was afraid Zombies had already ate your brain.

    I am glad you are coming back

  2. AdamasDaughter

    I love this site. I am a huge Zombiephile. Thank you for representin’.

  3. Wow! Even a zombie’s cold, unbeating heart would be warmed by Cesar and AdamasDaughter.

    We’re glad you love zombies! We love zombies too! Zombiephiles, unite!

  4. China is evil. I always… ALWAYS SAY. its not just zombies I’m preparing for but zombies and the communist invasion. Slightly fishy that China banned that. Makes me wonder if they use all that sharing money to engineer their own super commit zombie. Now THAT. THAT is terrifying.

  5. Android doesn’t have the word commie in their dictionary so I accidentally typed commit… oops..

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