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Zomblicity Zombie Web Comic – Issues 1 and 2 Out Now>LI36vEtbxoC_JtAHPvnYaTuAgVUKJLaWppHvRZwz6Ntu5yYHJYl7CQyUsnh4NOcsrCRjf Love zombie comics? Love web comics? If the answers are yes, it stands to reason that you’ll love a good zombie web comic – and Zomblicity is definitely a zombie web comic worth your time. Written and drawn in a black-and-white manga style, Zomblicity is a different sort of web comic – “‘Sliding Doors’ with Zombies,” says creator Robin Sandiford.>576nH2CF_LIXYchxfMq7Zi-vLV5NF_yEgrEczdX_BDlp9A9U16B3tNOdFXArX5h4UhVBP Issues 1 and 2 of Zomblicity are already out on Zomblicity’s website – you can subscribe there to make sure you can stay on top of every issue!>E4KUNvITtt7ZTxt77W8NtE3Fr1ayxGEQDMzR9Er8OJ1vo0VYRzG4PZFBkCFoQoDPpbY-x "A typical day in the life of Curtis Madsen is about to get dreadfully interrupted. This is not your usual Zombie story.... Curtis is about to find out what it’s like to live as both human and the same time. A two-way story portrayal built around the consequence of waking up 33 minutes late during a Zombie outbreak. The Zombie hordes themselves may look alike, but each and every one is developing in it's own way. They gradually begin to show signs of growth in their agility and consequently appear more 'Hulk-like'. Who created these creatures and where did they come from? Curtis must quickly adapt to his new environment and the dangers it holds if he is to stay alive and protect the ones he loves. Volume 1 of the comic book series will span 9 issues initially."

Source: Zomblicity

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