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Zombies + Traffic Cams = Hilarity

What do you get when you put together a gaggle of zombies and those ubiquitous traffic cameras that automatically snap a series of photos when you blow a red light? It took Harcos Laboratories, a cool alternative drinkmaker in Southern California, to find out. To promote their Zombie Blood Energy Potion (which is, by the way, awesome), Harcos (in conjunction with radical marketing firm Whirled Creative) staged a microcosmic zombie apocalypse at a quiet intersection in California and then ran a red light, triggering the traffic cam and thus creating the world’s first zombie-related traffic infraction.

The cost of their vehicular indiscretion? $445. The size of their marketing budget? $445. What resulted is a bit of pure photographic genius.

"SO CAL – To promote its delicious Zombie Blood Energy Potion, Harcos Labs teamed up with Whirled Creative and loaded a traffic-cammed intersection with zombies to receive the first and greatest Red Light Ticket ever. Having a 500 dollar marketing budget meant we only had one shot at this. Everything had to be precise and perfectly coordinated. After hours of prep, our vehicle driving actress proceeded through the intersection, with a zombie in the backseat, and a bumper plastered with Zombie Blood bumper stickers."

Source: Harcos Labs

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