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Zomblog: The Final Entry

Buy Diazepam In Uk In the first Zomblog, Samuel Todd starts the journal to chronicle his encounters with various groups, including some survivors trying to fortify a warehouse. In Zomblog II, Meredith, a companion of Sam’s, takes over the journal. She is pregnant with Sam’s child, but gives the baby up for adoption to a couple staying at The Warehouse Complex, and finds refuge […]

From Pen to Machete: TW Brown & His Body Count [INTERVIEW]

Are you ready for another zombie mash-up? I’m personally getting as tired of mash-ups as much as I am tired of zombie survival guides, but I decided to give TW Brown’s Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales a chance. Brown has put a modern spin, as well as infected twists, on the Grimm tales. While this mashup could encourage young minds to […]

Sequel to Zomblog Now Available! Controversial author TW Brown has been passing his time writing one zombie novel after another, as well as short stories that have appeared in over half a dozen horror anthologies. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed everything that he’s written, and Zomblog II wasn’t much different from the previous Brown novels that I’ve read…and that familiarity was a slight problem […]

Zomblog: Survivor Journal With A Twist>LI36vEtbxoC_JtAHPvnYaTuAgVUKJLaWppHvRZwz6Ntu5yYHJYl7CQyUsnh4NOcsrCRjf So…after being blown away by Dead: The Ugly Beginning , I decided I need to read TW Brown’s Zomblog. Nothing makes my day like reading about someone trying to survive an apocalypse with a bunch of assholes making it worse. Being chased down by a zombie horde doesn’t seem that bad in comparison to being tortured in a variety of […]

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Dead: The Ugly Beginning (Volume 1) Review

Xanax Online I received Dead: The Ugly Beginning as a gift, and I gave up a night’s sleep to finish it in one sitting. The story begins with a guy named Steve and his point of view, looking back on the beginning of a zombie outbreak. He receives a phone call from a friend, instructing him to turn on the local news. […]

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