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Zombieland TV Show In the Works

Zombieland fans, break out the bubbly – the Zombieland TV show is most definitely in development, according to New York Magazine’s Vulture. With the news that The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere on AMC lurched its way to the top of the cable ratings this week, the latest buzz that Fox and Sony Pictures Television are currently in talks with […]

Rules to survive in Zombieland…For Zombies

Hello from Russia! I am Igor! I’ve made a 60 seconds remake of Zombieland, called “Rules to Survive…For zombies”. Now I need a crowd of real zombie fans to help me win a competition. Just visit and vote for me! Just push the red button under the video. Zombies must win!!! You could vote once per day till December […]

My Two Moans – Rule #1 – Cardio

This is a new segment I like to call “My Two Moans.” It’s basically me ranting about zombies and zombie┬árelated things. You may be asking yourself, “Why do i care about what you say?” Well, the Zombiephiles said they want me, so…who’s better at speaking for me than me? Anyhow, here are my two moans: My first rant is about […]

Zombieland is Zombie Comedy at Its Best

Someone in America made the fatal mistake of eating a bad hamburger infected with Mad Cow. Instead of slowly driving him insane and killing him, as usually is the case, the prion mutated, and caused massive brain swelling in its victim in a matter of hours, which in turn created a homicidal maniac with a contagious hunger for human flesh. […]

Zombieland Rule #29 – The Buddy System

One of this Zombiephile’s favorite things about Zombieland were Columbus’ rules. Here’s a little Zombieland video covering rule #29 – the buddy system.

Zombieland Movie Trailer

Zombieland is one of the year’s most anticipated zombie movies, and from the looks of the Zombieland movie trailer, it’s going to be awesome. Woody Harrelson killing zombies? Yes please!.

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