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Poll: Zombies VS Ewoks

Viagra Xanax Online Ewoks, scourge of the Galactic Empire — able to thwart the greatest evil the galaxy has ever known with nothing more than sharpened sticks, rope, logs and a few heavy rocks. How would this formidable band of furry assassins fair against wave upon wave of the undead? Would their spears, cunning and natural camouflage  be enough to protect their delicious, […]

Poll: Zombies Vs. Muntadhar Al-Zaidi

Well, Zombiephiles, it’s certainly been a while since the last weekly bi-weekly monthly triannual Zombie Poll – somewhere around four months or so. But have no fear, Zombiephiles! Our zombiephilic editor has beaten back the zombie hordes long enough to connect to his zombie blog, and thus, he presents to you this burning question: Who would win, Zombies, or Muntadhar […]

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Weekly Zombie Poll #1 – Zombies VS Ninjas

Alprazolam Buy Online Australia Ah, that classic clash of the titans, Zombies Vs. Ninjas. Ninjas are lightning fast, deadly, and of course, totally sweet. According to Robert Hamburger’s Real Ultimate Power website, ninjas: are mammals. fight ALL the time. flip out and kill people. Now, in contrast, zombies: are dead already. never really sleep. also flip out and kill people. So where do you […]

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Poll: Zombies VS Werewolves

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Team Edward not appearing in this poll.

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