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How to Survive The Day of the Triffids

1. Hide from ‘Comets’ Comets, or rather, previously unobserved celestial phenomena, ascribed as comets for want of a better word, have the capacity to blind. Accounts of strange green lights in the night sky, send seasoned Armageddon-dodgers to cellars, bunkers, or darkened rooms. 2. Reject Philanthropy Rose-tinted glasses should be discarded forthwith. A Pan-continental loss of vision, will render the […]

Semi-Weekly Zombie Poll #3 – Zombies VS Triffids

Well, Zombiephiles, it’s time for another (semi) weekly Zombie faceoff – and this one is a toughie: Zombies Vs. Triffids. What’s a triffid, you ask? Tsk, tsk – shame on you. Check out this triffid/zombie article that Josella Chrysalids-Harris posted last week to learn more about the triffid phenomenon. Essentially, triffids are killer zombie plants. More or less.

Zombies and Triffids

For those unfamiliar with the visionary British ‘Logical Fantasy’ author John Wyndham, triffids are genetically-engineered mobile, carnivorous plants. Standing at least seven foot (over two metres) tall, and clumsily propelled by three leg-like roots, triffids share with more prosaic vegetables the ability to grow through exposure to sunlight and rainwater, and collecting nutrients from soil. However, triffids also have the […]

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Poll: Zombies VS Werewolves

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