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Recently a video game came out (Call of Duty: Black Ops). In CoD:BO you’re able to unlock a zombie mode, just like in World at War (remember Nazi Zombie mode?). You can either push a series of buttons while in the main menu or simply complete the campaign on any difficulty to unleash the awesomness. Well, this got me thinking… […]

My Two Moans – Wii Zombies

Today I want to talk about The Wii and its lack of awesome zombie games. Sure, it has some zombie games, but it has nothing that can hold a candle to Left 4 Dead and the original Dead Rising. What’s up with that? I know it doesn’t have the capabilities of the 360 or POS3, but we Wii owners need […]

Dead Snow Brings Fun Comedy To The Zombie Nation

In the world of zombie movies, you probably think of classics like Evil Dead or Night Of The Living Dead. But with newer and funnier zombie movies showing themselves, such as Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead, it makes you wonder how much funnier the all-too-popular zombie genre can get. Well prepare yourselves, zombiephiles, because I have found just that movie – Dead Snow.

Dead Snow is a zombie movie about a couple of med-students dying for a good time. These three girls and four guys are in for a hell of a surprise: Nazi Zombies!

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