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World War Z Movie Details Firming Up

World War ZWhen we first heard that Max Brook’s World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War would be made into a movie, we could hardly wait.

Now that more details about the World War Z movie are shaping up, this Zombiephile is having trouble staying in his seat.

Here’s the info on the World War Z movie as it stands currently:

Title: World War Z
Director: Mark Forster (of Quantum of Solace fame)
Screenplay: J. Michael Straczinski (of Babylon Five fame)
Source material: Max Brooks
Producer: Brad Pitt
Studio: Paramount
Production Company: Plan B Entertainment

Aside from that, we’re still hearing frustratingly little official information. Straczinsnki, however, has been more and more active in interviews later, discussing his adaptation of World War Z from a book to a movie.

According to JMS in a recent interview with MTV Movies Blog:

“Most zombie movies to this point have been small, focusing on a few people in a house. And this has got real scare. You’re in India with hundreds of boats trying to get out of there with a tidal wave of zombies. The scale of what we’re doing here is phenomenal.”

Take note, Zombiephiles – this zombie movie is quite probably going to be the largest-scale zombie movie ever, and could potentially be a genre-buster (think what Unforgiven did to the Western genre). We’ll be watching the World War Z movie news like it’s our job (do we actually have real jobs?), and posting updates here as soon as we get them – we hope to see a World War Z cast list in the coming weeks!


  1. Good news! I got kind of frustratted with the scale on the Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. The first 30 minutes were awesome, but after that it went all way down! Brad Pitt producing this?? Wow!

  2. Yeah, I’m definitely happy with the treatment they’re giving this story – they’re not messing around, they’re actually going to make World War Z on the scale that it deserves – epic.

    Up until now, zombie movies have always been constrained to a place and a time – this is the movie that’s going to change all that, and bust up the genre while it’s at it.

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