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Poll: Zombies VS The CDC

The internet is all abuzz this month about the publication by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) this month of a “Zombie Preparedness 101” blog post which purports to educate the unwashed masses about how best to prepare themselves for the inevitable zombie outbreak. We’ve discussed that blog post, and it’s obvious fallacies, elsewhere, but we thought it would only […]

Cake Boss – How to Make a Zombie Cake!

Everybody knows that zombies love brains, but did you know that zombiephiles apparently love cake? We didn’t, until we saw a recent episode of TLC’s “Cake Boss” in which Buddy Volostro, the loud and boisterous boss of the famous Carlo’s Bake Shop, created a zombie cake for a recent New Jersey zombie walk. Wondering what a zombie cake? Want to […]

CDC Shares Zombie Outbreak Preparation Tips and Strategies

It seems that somebody at the CDC has been reading everyone’s favorite zombie blog. At least, that’s the only conclusion we Zombiephiles can come to after reading the CDC’s latest blog post – entitled Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. Yup, you read that right – the CDC has posted a blog article that bears some very striking similarities to our own […]

Zombiephiles Unite for Juvenile Diabetes!

As all true zombiephiles know, the best zombie movies out there are the ones that convey a social message. So what could be better than uniting a bunch of hardcore zombie fans together in the name of a good cause? The Zombiephiles are proud to announce the third annual Strankenstein’s Zombie Prom for Juvenile Diabetes – a chance for Utah […]

Poll: Zombies VS The A-Team

Following last month’s almost-too-close-to-call “Zombies VS Stormtroopers” poll, which saw zombies losing out to the armored shock troops of the Galactic Empire by a narrow 2% margin, we here at decided it was time to turn our attention toward more earthly pursuits. The burning question on everyone’s mind this week? Zombies VS The A-Team. That’s right. Four Vietnam vets, […]

Poll: Zombies VS Stormtroopers

Here at, we love asking ourselves ridiculously improbable questions, like “Do zombies poop?” and “What would happen if a vampire bit a zombie who’d been bitten by a werewolf?” and other burning questions along those lines. This month we’re tackling one of those questions that stays with you for days after you first hear it, one of those questions […]

Poll: Zombies VS Shaolin Monks

When it comes to badassery, there’s almost nobody out there who’s got more of it than the Shaolin Monks. Popularized by movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Shaolin buddhists perfected mystical kung fu fighting styles over thousands of years of practice. So how would the mystical Crane style stand up to a swarm of hungry dead? How many orange-clad […]

Zombies Cartoon – The Entire Series on Youtube!

A few months ago we brought you the first three episodes of the online zombie cartoon, “Zombies!” Well, we’re pleased to present to you the rest of the series, which is available in its entirety on Youtube:

Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer

Remember that last vacation you took? Pretty awesome, right? But wasn’t there something…missing? That’s right. Zombies. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to wait for the coming zombie apocalypse to enjoy the perfect union of zombies and tropical vacations, thanks to the official announcement of Dead Island, a zombie video game with a decidedly island feel. So check out this […]

Another Sweet Zombie T-Shirt Deal From Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

We’ve featured Crazy Dog T-Shirts‘ zombie tees on our site before, and we’re happy to announce that they’re doing another amazing deal on some awesome zombie tee shirts over on their website. For a limited time, you can get five of Crazy Dogs’ best zombie tee shirts at the low cost of $39.99 – that’s about $8 per t-shirt, and […]

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